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  • I can not log in to e-defter/e-fatura/KEP and so on with my e-signature. What should I do?

    You should reinstall your device. Please view the “What should I do for device installation?” headline.

  • How can I use the Secure Smartcard Reader (Milko)?

    First, you have to had e-signature card and a personal computer for use of the Milko. You can obtain your e-signature card from Public Certification Center or other channels.


    You can start to use your e-signature card with Milko right after downloading and installing the necessary drivers. You can not use your Milko for any other aim.

  • What should I do for device installation?

    Milko is a device that works on the “Plug in and Play” structure in updated operating systems. However, not installed components or other drivers/programs can cause some conflict problems. In such cases, you can set up your device by following the instructions below.


    Control Panel > Device Manager


    Ya da

    Please make sure everything’s be like figures.


    Please make sure everything’s be like figures.

    The yellow exclamation mark on the smart card is not a problem. Windows don’t have any smart card drivers that’s why It looks like this.

    Please be make sure there’s no yellow exclamation mark on Microsoft Usbccid Smartcard Reader”. If “Microsoft Usbccid Smartcard Reader” has a yellow exclamation mark on it, kindly contact the IT department of your company/institution to ensure that all devices are installed.

    If It looks like below



    You need to right-click on the devices that write Aladdin and select “Disable”. You have to repeat this step for all 3 headlines.


    Then, CLICK HERE to download and install the installer suitable for your operating system.


    Disconnect your Milko from your PC and restart.


    After your computer is ready to use, plug Milko back into your PC. Run the Akia program by double-clicking the AKİS Card Monitoring Tool icon on the desktop



    Please make sure there’s a “+” sign beside the “Udea MILKO V2.4” headline on the opening program.


    After these instructions, you have to install it without fault.

  • Can I use my Milko with MacOS/OSX operating system?

    You have to update your software to work Milko with your Mac. CLICK HERE to download the updated software and user guide. If you perform the update process according to the user guide, you can use Milko with your Mac.

  • There’s a yellow exclamation mark beside “Smart Card” in Device Manager. What should I do?

    The yellow exclamation mark on the smart card is not a problem.

  • I get an error that the “certificate can not be accessed”.

    What should I do?

    Kindly try to install it again. In case of your problem will occur, you have to change your browser or the networks that you connected to security settings. Please contact your institution’s IT department for these steps.

  • I would receive/change the password. What should I do?

    Receiving/changing passwords are made on the website of the Kamu Sertifikasyon Merkezi. You can reach the link below.


  • I can not log in portals such e-fatura/e-defter/e-devlet by Google Chrome. What should I do?

    Google Chrome does not support NPAPI anymore. Please try again with the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

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